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General questions

What is the difference between yacht charter, private charter and bareboat sailing?

With a yacht charter you can sail with us, by yourself, with your partner or with friends or family on a yacht with professional crew. It also means that others can book the same trip and will sail along. With a private charter, also called crewed charter, you can book the ship and crew as a whole only for you or your family or friends. A bareboat is a boat that you can rent without crew. We do not offer bareboat charter, crewed charter only.

Is the crew Dutch?

The skipper Jan-Willem and Mariëlle are Dutch but also speak fluent English and German. In any case, if there is a multilingual group, the general spoken language will be English.

Will the skipper entertain me all day?

After sailing everyone is free to do what he or she likes. This also applies for the crew. However, we will do our best to give you the best tips on site.

What are the advantages of a crewed yacht charter?

If you want to sail alone or with several other people, but you have little or no sailing experience, than chartering a sailing yacht is ideal. Since you do not have to take care of the navigation, equipment, documents. Also, you do not have to worry about the route, weather, wind and tide, because the skipper knows how to anticipate to all this. The skipper also knows to find beautiful sailing areas nice harbours and secluded anchorages to make sure you can really enjoy your sailing holiday.

How active is a sailing holiday?

That mainly depends on yourself. All possibilities are present to participate actively, but also to relax. Usually it’s the combination. It’s nice to help and we will explain everything necessary.

Do I need sailing experience?

No, it is not necessary to have sailing experience. At the start of the sailing voyage the necessary explanation about the ship and sailing in general will be given. Would you like to do, do more, than step forward if we are going to do a maneuver, or join our milebuilders.

Do I need to help with sailing?

Nothing is obligatory, and everything is allowed! Helping is not mandatory, but of course one of the nice aspects about the sailing voyage, it also contributes to the “team spirit” on board. However, we do expect that everyone helps preparing with the daily food and/or cleaning up.

I want to steer

Steering the ship is possible in agreement with the skipper and according to your ability and circumstances. The crew will indicates when this is possible, so you do not need to ask, because the answer will unfortunately be nonetheless, no. Those who actively participate on all fronts (including in the galley) are the first in line to steer. Everyone gets a turn, but this varies by day.

I see that the boarding time is 2 pm, does that also applies to me?

 Yes, we understand that you are eager to start your sailing holidays, but during the “changeover” we are busy with cleaning up doing groceries and laundry. If you board before that time , you will slow us down and your luggage would be in our way, also on deck. You can try to leave your luggage at the harbor masters office. otherwise we recommend you to wait on a pub until 2 pm. Boarding time in voyage 2 (Caledonina Canal& Lochs) is 12 0’clock!

Can I board after 2 pm?

There is a small margin on this. We leave Oban at the latest at 4 PM. When you come on board, we divide the cabins and the skipper gives an explanation about the ins and outs on board and a safety instruction. It is important for yourself and the other persons on board that you are present.

The exception is trip 2 ; then you are expected on board at 12:00 noon.

Participants of our sailing trips

What kind of people sail along?

Most passengers go solo on a trip, but sometimes people take their partner or a friend. These sailing holidays are suitable for everyone, singles, couples, families, friends and groups or companies. Due to the combination of sailing together to unknown shores, enjoying the beautiful weather and the good food, a fun and friendly group atmosphere arises quickly.

Which age do the other participants have?

Participants are of all ages between 16 and 74 years old. For a number of trips, in which we also sail through nights, we ask that you first contact us if you are older than 70 years. When you rent the ship privately, children under the age of 16 are also welcome on board.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of participants?

There is no minimum number of participants for our sailing trips, we will sail anyway. There is room for 8 guests on board, divided into four 2-person cabins. 

Can we book with our own group?

Yes, this is possible for a group of up to 8 people. For private charter, you can choose any of the offered sailing holidays, provided there are no other bookings for that sailing trip. Do you want more information about private charter, please contact us.

Sailing areas

In which areas does Steady operates?

Steady sails on the Scottish West Coast for most of the season. The 1st trip in April we sail from the Netherlands to Scotland. In September we will leave Scotland and sail back to Hoorn via Ireland and England.

What is the best sailing period?

That’s hard to say, nature decides. In theory, June applies as best month for the north, but this does not say so much, because it can also be really nice weather in September. Musto sailing suits are available on board for all guests. The wind chill on the water is a lot lower, so think of clothing in layers and thermo underwear. It is best to bring boots and shoes with a good grip.

On board during the sailing voyage

At what time we leave every morning during the sailing trip?

This is being viewed per day. We determine the time of departure and destination depending on wind and tide. In the evening after dinner, all information about weather, destination and departure time is passed on. In general breakfast is around 8 am.

How will the cabins be divided?

On board are four 2-person huts with bunk beds. The cabins are divided at the start of the sailing trip. There is no fee for singles/ individuals, unless you want a cabin to yourself. You can book a private cabin with a surcharge of 35%.

Is smoking allowed on board?

Not inside the ship. On deck only at the lee of the ship and not in front of the cabin entrance, so your fellow crew members will not suffer.

Can I charge the batteries for my camera or laptop?


Is there internet on the boat and can I use my telephone?

The range of mobile phones on the high seas or behind large hills is not always good, but most of Scotland has 4G range. Email and internet are not available on board, but you can use, if available, WiFi in the harbours. Else there will be a pub or hotel with internet.

Food & drinks

How about cooking and shopping?

Shopping and meals are provided by the crew. The housekeeping, such as washing up and cleaning, are always done together.

Can I eat vegetarian?

That’s no problem. Please tell us in advance.

Can I eat lactose and gluten-free?

That’s no problem. Please tell us in advance.

When will the first drink come on deck?

For your own safety and those of other persons on board, alcohol is not allowed during sailing. Wine, beer and whiskey can be purchased on board. If you want to drink something else, you are allowed to bring your own.

Taking luggage on a sailing holiday

What do I take? Waterproof (hiking)shoes with good grip
  • Waterproof (hiking)shoes with good grip

  • Rainboots or a second pair of shoes for wet weather

  • Warm clothing. Out on the water wind chill makes it feel colder, so remember layered clothing and thermo-underlayers

  • a hat, it can be cold out on the water!

  • Light rain-clothing for on-shore, our sailing gear is not suitable for hiking.

  • Sun-protection (Sunglasses, sunscreen)

  • Passport or ID

  • Travel insurance

  • There is no room for suitcases, therefor use soft travel bags.

Is there linen on board?

Yes, all beds have duvet and pillow with linen. Towels and washcloths are also included.

Important to know

Where can I find the general terms and conditions?

Please check our page:  terms and conditions.

Is an insurance mandatory?

A medical insurance is mandatory, but a cancellation insurance is not.


Are there any booking fees?

There are no additional booking costs for our sailing holidays. 

What is not included in the price?
  • Travel to and from the ship.
  • Personal expenses
  • Softdrinks and alcoholic drinks on board
  • possible extra tickets and entry fees
  • Travel- and/or cancellation-insurance
Is privat charter possible?

You can also rent the ship and crew for a privat charter. For private charter, you can choose one of the offered sailing holidays, provided there are no other bookings for that sailing journey. If you want more information about prices on private charter, please contact us.

Is the flight included in the price?

Unfortunately, your ticket is not included in our fare. The page with information about transfers describes the easiest way to reach all destinations. The earlier you book, the cheaper your flight will be.

Booking of sailing holidays

How do I book a sailing holiday?

If you send us an email via booking, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I take an option and how does it work?

Yes, it is possible to take an option on a particular journey without any obligation. Your option is held by us for 2 weeks. If someone else makes a booking after that period, your option expires on this trip.

How is the booking confirmed?

Once we have received your reservation, we will contact you to confirm your booking.

Your inquiry will be answered by us as soon as possible; however, sometimes this might take a few days, because we are not always connected to the Internet while sailing. Therefore, we ask for your understanding and patience. We always try to send a confirmation within 24 to 48 hours. If you don’t hear anything from us, please check your “spam folder” or call us at +31 (0) 6 5429 78 87.

Paying the invoice

How does the payment of the booking go?

In order to comply to the legally mandatory guarantee Steady Sailing uses STO Garant for all package travels. STO Garant is a regognised guarantee-arrangement. It is a third-party-arrangement that will safeguard your payment until after the end of your booking. As a traveller you don’t pay the amount of the booking to Steady sailing, but to a third party’s account.

What is the Term of Payment?

The boarding-price will be paid in 2 terms*:

25%: Two weeks after the reservation

75%: one month before the start of the trip.

*If the reservation is made within 6 weeks prior to departure the boarding price will be charged in 1 term.

The board cash will be paid in 1 term in cash on the 1st day of the journey.

Dear Mariëlle and Jan Willem,

When my partner picked up your brochure in Hoorn at your boot I had had 3 days to decide if  I join him at a trip through the Inner Herbrides. I never regret this decision it was a great week at your Steady. The accomodatin, the boot in a very good condition, the meals, the sailing and the islands and of course you made this week unforgatabel. Many thanks for this outstanding week, I will never forget this.

Best Regards, Birgit Spielmann

In April 2018 we have been visiting Hoorn, the home of the Steady. What a beautiful looking yacht inviting us for a sailing holiday.

Mariëlle was on board and painting to keep the boat in best condition. After a chat we got some more information about the “Steady”.

The following year we have booked our trip and started in July 2018 from Oban to explore many of the stunning places and islands in Scotland.

Jan-Willem (the Skipper) and Mariëlle have been working hard to give us the best value of our trip. Mariëlle’s cooking was outstanding, you could taste that the food has been prepared with love.

The crew is highly professional, kind and very sympathetic.

Many thanks to both of you, we have enjoyed every moment …

There is nothing better than to smell the see, feel the wind, watch the clouds and “YES”respect the power of the nature … it makes you feeling better …

Again, many thanks. Janet & Ewald

Hi Marielle, Jan

Looking forward to sail in 2021 again with you

My review as following…

It‘s easy to say something about the experienced couple and the ship

I can use a lot of words or just say STEADY

Save sailing, smiling crew

Tasty food, good healthy kitchen

Enjoy the stay in a fantastic area

Activities for everybody, nice photos

Dolphins, Puffins and lots more

Yes, that’s holiday – anytime again


Viele Grüße Silke