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08 JUNE – 15 JUNE 2021 | 8 DAYS |

€ 1400,- PER PERSON

A lot of people are very busy and are constantly all over the place. The bodies basic needs can be jeopardised Therefor we have made this unique travel in which we combine healthy food, exercise and sailing with stunning scenery.

Our goal: a week full of ENERGY!

During this week we will sail to the interesting and remote places of the Inner Hebrides where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and rich wildlife around us.

Fundamental Sailing

Nutrition – Exercise – Relaxation – Mindset

Good food – completely junk free and all natural!

Back to our great- great grandparents, back to our genes. Healthy food the way nature meant it. By only eating what we feel super-good about, we feel fit and healthy again.
Nowadays a lot or four food is produced in factories, with a lot or artificial additives, and mainly a lot of sugar. Our body doesn’t react well to that. We feel tired and get all kind of annoying complaints.
On board you will get delicious, honestly produced modern meals with a responsible origin. In in primeval times they ate mainly vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, fruits, en sometimes some nuts or seeds. This is the base for all our recipes. (gluten- and lactose – free)
If you are on a vegetarian diet, this is no problem in our kitchen.

ExerciseLed by professional “OERsterk” (literal translation: primeval-strong) coach Natasja de Bruin from NdB Live Fit. She is, amongst more, specialised in outdoor training and personal coaching. You can find more about Natasja on her website

In the early morning doing sports is the best kickstart there is:
Enjoy your fresh start!

Sporting in the early morning makes you enjoy your endorphin rush. Endorphin is seen as one of the main substances that gets released during sports, by giving you a happy “high” feeling. By doing sports in the early morning, you enjoy that feeling all day!
For the diehard: Your body gets an extra boost if you take a refreshening dive in the see after sporting.

Relaxation & Mindset – for a moment no busy calendar, no meetings, no screens, and social media this week. Give your brains some rest by enjoying the natural surroundings and take the time to think about life, what you are thankful for, or just let your thoughts run.

Wat is an OERsterk coach?

An OERsterk Coach is trained to help you effectively and strongly in the area of health management. The OERsterk method gives support to optimise your health and prevent or alleviate symptoms in a natural way. The objective of each treatment is treating the real cause (so no symptom management). With a drastic increase of quality of life as a result.

To find the real cause of the symptoms we have to look at the human as a whole, this systematic thinking is the base of how an OERsterk Coach is looking at your health and your symptoms. Health is the result of a combination of factors and the OERsterk coach can connect those factors in relation to symptoms.
The OERsterk method consists of four main pillars:

  1. Mental health – Mindset
  2. Stress reduction – Relaxation
  3. Physical Health – Nutrition
  4. Training – exercise

The method is based on over ten years of in-field experience in combination with knowledge from different sciences, among which the evolutionary biology, Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI) Orthomolecular medicine and eastern medicine.


General Info

This journey description is meant to give you an impression of how the journey could look. Weather conditions are however a big influence in this area. Therefor the travel-plan can get changed.

Maximum number of guests:

There is space for a maximum of 6 guests.

The crew will be either 3 of 4 people

For whom is this journey suitable?

  • You are over 16 years old
  • Are you over 70 years old? Please contact us first.
  • You have a good stamina and mobility
  • Some sailing experience (for the journeys within Scotland sailing experience is not needed)
  • You enjoy night-sailing.

What language is spoken on board?

We are sailing with an international group of people. The crew is Dutch and speaks English and German. The main language on deck will be English when there are multiple nationalities on board.




Based on a shared cabin

€ 800, –

Per person

Board cash (this is used for all meals, diesel, and harbour-fees)

€ 450, –

Per person

Paying the journey-fee

The boarding-price will be paid in 2 terms*:

25%: Two weeks after the reservation

75%: one month before the start of the trip.

*If the reservation is made within 6 weeks prior to departure the boarding price will be charged in 1 term.

The board cash will be paid in 1 term in cash on the 1st day of the journey.


  • Crew of 4
  • Bedsheets and towels
  • All meals snacks and hot beverages
  • Use of eco-friendly shower gel and shampoo
  • Use of a MUSTO BR1 sailing suit (jacket and trousers) size S-XXL
  • Lifejackets
  • All ship- cleaning- and reservation costs, STO guarantee, VAT

Trees are of vital importance to a healthy climate!

We are glad to make Steady Sailing greener. For each guest that books a journey with us we will get a tree planted at the end of the sailing season. For this we will pick a forestry project in the Netherlands.

Not included:

  • Travel to and from the ship.
  • Personal expenses
  • Soda’s and alcoholic drinks on board
  • possible extra tickets and entry fees
  • Travel- and/or cancellation-insurance

How do I get to Oban?

There are multiple daily KLM fights from Schiphol to Glasgow and Edinburgh, from there you travel to Oban by bus or train. Elaborate travel info about Scotland you can find here.
This offer is covered by the warranty of STO Garant. You can see the terms and conditions of this warranty-agreement STO Garant’s website (